Janie and Chuck Plante

Reunion Memories by Janie

Photos by Chuck and Janie Cicelski Plante

What do you do when your spouse and kids are rock stars? Never miss a single chance to capture their amazing journeys. Chuck is one of those incredible spouses that we all feel we have known him forever.

A chiropractor by trade with many talents include an awesome roadie!

Thank you Chuck and Janie for making our reunion special and unforgettable!

Janie and Joey bootlegs

Central Kitsap HS has some amazing talent!

CKHS 1976 wants to express a HUGE thank you to Janie for setting up and giving us awesome classic rock entertainment at Cash Brewing Co. Friday night.  Along with the Class of 76, Cash Brewing Co. hosted the “The Bootlegs” to play for us which got many of us up dancing to our all time favorite songs of the 70’s.

A special treat was the “Janie and Joey” segment.  What fun to to see and listen to Janie perform again just like back in our high school days.

History: Joey Dean of “The Bootlegs” was a guitar student of Janie’s when he was in middle school.  Through the years Janie has kept in touch with all her students, watching their careers bloom.  Janie is one of those teachers you never forget and most of all our dear friend.

Please give Janie a shout of appreciation for making our 40th reunion the best we have ever had!